Jig for carp

Micro jig Carpfishing

One of my follower ask me to create jigs for Carpfishing.
In this new era, trying to catch carp with spinning lures is quite common. Sometimes carp has the tendency to catch our lures when they are in spawn but occasionally they are interested in lures just for curiosity when you retrieve it close to the bottom.

For this reason I made some small and compacted jigs with amazing color. Small like 2-3 to 5 grams, 2 and 4 hooks. The reason of bright color is because carps are attracted by this colors.

Lots of people are approaching this technique with great success so…lets do it!

Small tips for Carpfishing with jig is: very slow retrieve. Close you are to the bottom better it is. Drag it is another way…like when you fish with Carolina.
If you are in the right place…Fish On! 😉

Carpfishing jig

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