Soft plastic lures, let’s start with the complete guide

soft plastic lure, let's start with the complete guide

This is the first post: getting started with soft plastic lures.

From now on we will see how to create our soft plastic lures from the beginning. Chris will guide you step by step telling you everything that you will need with some amazing tips to start.

Be ready with your plastisol, baker, microwave, molds, injector and colorants…you will have fun, believe me! Keep everything ready.

If you do not have injector you can use open pour molds.

Start initially by stir plastisol from your bottle/bucket and prepare it to be cooked in the microwave. This is very important especially if the plastic was standing there for a while. Remember to close your bottle or bucket every time. Last thing you need is to have moistures in it.

Thanks Chris for his material!

Complete guide to getting started

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